About Frogbits

Frogbits.Net began operations in 1999 under the names Frog Hollow Graphics and Frog Hollow Software. Product and service offerings included custom graphics work for local area businesses, general computer consulting services, and niche market shareware applications.

We began offering Web design, hosting, and administration services in 2002. With this service, we host sites for small businesses and handle all details of keeping the sites up and running, including site content updates as needed. It is a full-service web solution for those who do not have the technical expertise to run their own web site, or just don't want to be bothered with the day-to-day details of running a web site.

Frogbits.Net is headquarted in Saylorsburg PA in a small area known as Frog Hollow, and is owned by Saylorsburg resident Norm Lippincott.

When we established our Internet presence in 2001, we found that the domain names involving "Frog Hollow" that interested us were already taken. So we combined the "Frog" of "Frog Hollow" with "bits", the fundamental unit of information storage in computers, and came up with Frogbits. The name has nothing to do with small pieces of frogs.

With the introduction of Web design and hosting services, we adopted the name Frogbits.Net as our primary identity.

We design and develop with these quality Open Source technologies:
LinuxUbuntuMozilla FirefoxApachePHPMySQLThe GIMPOpenOffice.org